Iskra Lawrence and Philip Payne Share Intimate Details About Traumatic Home Water Birth

29-year-old Instagram British Model and social media influencer Iskra Lawrence and her 32-year old boyfriend Philip Payne have given a detailed description of her at-home water birth as they both recalled how their first child needed to be resuscitated by their midwife after delivery.

For her latest YouTube video, the 29-year-old model sat down with her partner and newborn to share their different reactions to the moments leading up to their child’s traumatic birth two months ago.

‘I think I have such a newfound respect for you, and just for women in general,’ Philip, 32, told Iskra. ‘The pain that you were going through and then to do it unmedicated, I can’t.’

“I wasn’t sure how much I’d want to share and I actually wasn’t even aware how much footage and pics my family got as I was 1. Locked in trying to push 2. So excited to meet bubba and 3. In the most intense pain of my entire life😬.”
Iskra continued: “Buttttt after reading so many comments and DMs from you all asking Qs especially with Covid and some of you considering a home birth instead of hospital I really wanted you to have an insight.

“So I hope you find it enlightening – any more questions drop ’em in the comments and me or this amazing Insta fam I’m sure will help you out! (sic)

“Sending my love to all the mommas to be and those trying – also my prayers and love goes to the infertility warriors❤️🙏 Forever grateful for our incredible midwife Ellie😘.”

As well as the precious photos, Iskra and Philip also filmed a video for her YouTube channel where they spoke in depth about the birth.

Speaking about the moment when she had to push out her placenta, Iskra said: “So I’m holding the baby, and got a towel between my legs because obviously there was blood everywhere like a murder scene, there was marks of blood on the wall and then I go and lay in the bed and then she pulls out the placenta – which is the best feeling in the world.”

The video then cuts to the exact moment where Iskra’s midwife tells her: “I want your placenta, so can you give me a push?”

As the mom-of-one pushed it out, she admits: “Oh wow, that was beautiful.”

She then adds: “No one told me that either, like a lovely relief, and then there was an awful bit where they have to push on your stomach to get the excess blood out.

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