Sacramento Police Saves 18-month-old From Drowning in Kiddie Pool

An 18-month-old baby was pulled out of a kiddie pool in South Sacramento Monday after nearly drowning. Fortunately, the three Sacramento police officers responded to the home and jumped into action, saving the baby’s life.

“I came up and the kid was barely breathing. So it’s- It’s just not a fun feeling,” officer Colby Anderson said.

Anderson and his partners found the baby lying in the front yard of his South Sacramento home with his mother screaming for help.

“[He was] basically lifeless on his back in the grass,” officer Nick Tayler said. “These are the calls that nobody wants to go to.“

The three officers put their emotions aside and jumped into action, delivering back blows and doing everything they could to clear the baby’s airway.

“Phlegm, vomit, or something was obstructing his airway, so we knew he wasn’t getting all the air he needed,” officer Chad Geer said. “Nothing prepares you to really have that situation in your hands.”

After what felt like hours, the child finally started to show signs of life.

“When the child starts to cry it was like ‘Oh my God, yes!’” Geer said.

According to the Sacramento Police Department, the pool was only filled with a few inches of water, but still, the consequences were almost devastating.

“It just kind of reiterates to keep a little extra eye on your little ones,” Anderson said.

The officers who have kids of their own say this one hit close to home.

“We’re both parents, these are the calls that nobody wants to go to,” Tayler said.

“It’s just this little helpless kid,” Anderson said. “You don’t forget something like that.“

After our interview Wednesday, the three police officers spent the beginning of their shift visiting the baby they saved. They say he is doing well.

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